How Going Green Can Help Your Business

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Quick and easy changes in your small business can help you cut costs, increase revenues, keep great employees, and build community goodwill.

Why go green? Going green can benefit your company in at least four ways:

  • Cut costs. Energy efficiency and waste reduction mean savings. Simply replacing regular light bulbs with alternatives can reduce lighting energy costs by 75%.

  • Increase revenues. Green products let you build your customer base and even charge higher prices. Customers will pay up to 10% more for products that are green (e.g. organic, fair trade or made from recycled content).

  • Find and keep great employees. Companies with a better environmental record have more committed, motivated employees.

  • Build community goodwill. Environmental initiatives outside the store, like landscaping or donating to community projects, can broaden support for your company. Sales increase by $6 on average for each dollar donated.These three guides, each targeted for a different sector (manufacturing, service and retail) outline the environmental actions that will help your small business. Whether in be a "quick win" or a "deep change," there are a variety of actions you can take that will benefit your company and the environment.

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Maya Fischhoff