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The Network for Business Sustainability links sustainability-minded managers, researchers and students from across the globe. We want to mobilize the insights of individuals within the network to accelerate learning and action.

Our ask? 

If you know of a novel, high impact approach to business sustainability, spend five minutes telling us about it here

Students — this includes you. You spend countless hours researching, writing and producing projects and papers. Why not share your work, so the world can benefit?

Our Content Committee reviews submissions monthly, and will explore how NBS might share your idea as a blog, podcast, or social media item.

Here's what they look for:

  • Novelty: While there's value in mainstream sustainability principles, we want to push the frontier.

  • Impact: Ideas should have the potential to drive major change.

  • Diversity: We seek insights from across geographical locations, industry sectors, and career stages.

  • Rigour: Ideas should be credible, based on robust experience or research.

Existing tools

Have you already created a resource or tool and you’re simply looking to disseminate? If so, share the key takeaways in the submission form above. We’d love to explore a novel article on the same topic, which can link to your work.

You should also share your resource through MIT’s SHIFT platform, which curates and compares existing sustainability tools.

Frontier Content Committee

Our Content Committee includes leading thinkers from research and practice. Each month, members volunteer their time to review submissions, then meet to discuss and make recommendations. Read more about the committee here.