Our Team

Meet the small but mighty team of faculty and staff who facilitate the Network for Business Sustainability’s activities.

We are located across Canada and the United States and operate in both English and French. We are also diverse in our backgrounds — from PhDs in business to professional communications experience. But we all share the belief that business can — and must — be a force for creating sustainable human societies.

Our bios are below. And in case you’re interested, we’ve also shared here some of the content we love most.



Tima Bansal, Executive Director

As the Executive Director for NBS, Tima sets NBS's organizational vision, serves as the principal investigator on our federal research grants and provides direction regarding strategic objectives.

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Julia Bevacqua, Digital Engagement Coordinator

Julia supports execution of a broad range of NBS activities. She coordinates projects, organizes event logistics and supports online communication activities.

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Charles Duprez, Specialist, Digital Strategy & Sustainability Engagement

Charles gives strategic input on NBS/REDD's digital engagement activities, including strategies for growing the NBS network and improving members' online experience. He also leads execution on key digital projects and contributes to content creation.

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Maya Fischhoff, Knowledge Manager

As the Knowledge Manager for NBS, Maya develops and oversees NBS’s knowledge products (including systematic reviews, executive reports for business leaders, and applied guides and tools).

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Sylvia Grewatsch, Associate Researcher

Sylvia is part of the NBS innovation research team that explores and analyzes innovation processes at Canadian organizations. The aim of this project is to establish innovation processes for sustainability and for shared value creation.

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Chelsea Hicks-Webster, Operations Manager

Chelsea manages the daily activities of NBS’s Anglophone office in London, Canada. She aims to ensure all staff have the information and resources needed to make their projects a success.

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Ghaid Saadaldin, Specialist, Digital Engagement

Ghaid supports many of NBS's digital communication activities, particularly the technical aspects. She plays an important role in scoping and implementing new communications tools. She also collects, interprets and shares key impact data to inform NBS activities while running communications campaigns to increase content reach and impact.

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Garima Sharma, Lead, Co-creation resources

Garima supports NBS's approach toward knowledge co-creation by developing resources that allow researchers and managers to effectively collaborate. She writes for NBS's newsletter for the academic community and is studying and documenting NBS's co-creation process.

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Marie-France Turcotte, Director, Montreal Office (REDD)

Marie-France Turcotte is the Director of NBS's Montreal office and oversees all its activities. She is also a professor at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), department of strategy, social and environmental responsibility.

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